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​  2018  CLASSES

Ces Soyring
W/ Dr. Randall Northcutt
'Acupuncture Class'

Ces Soyring, BA -
Saturdays: 8am to Noon*
    Forensic Audits -learn what your records are saying; what you are missing; and how to establish clinical necessity.
Saturday: 1pm to 5pm
    TBCE - Required hours

Randall Northcutt, DC -
Sunday: 8am to 5pm*

Dr. Randall Northcutt is a well known and entertaining instructor who keeps the audience constantly engaged. His protocol and procedures cover the most common conditions seen in your office on a daily basis. Most importantly, this class gives you information and techniques that you can implement Monday morning in your office. There are no "special devices" or extra equipment you have to buy in order to incorporate the techniques into your practice. 

Class includes a substantial, practical "Hands On" component; with actual patient case studies.

  •   Introduction
  •   Safety
  •   Non-Needle Techniques
  •   Needle Techniques

Whether you've been doing acupuncture for years, or you are interested in adding this special skill to your practice, THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU!

Read more about Dr. Northcutt's class at: 

*Lunch on your own, each day Noon to 1pm

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  $185 =  4hrs: TBCE class Only; 
                          Sat. 1pm to 5pm

  $250 =  8hrsSaturday 8am -5pm
                    Forensic Audits & TBCE   
          OR     Sunday 8am to 5pm
                     Acupuncture only  

  $385 =ALL 16 hours - Sat/Sun 8am-5pm

Staff:  $129 per person / Saturday 8am-3pm
            Forensic Audits and first 2 hrs of             TBCE for "records." 

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Last, but not least...

Dec. 8/9 - Longview
TBCE Approved: T07-9229
La Quinta Inn & Suites
908 East Hawkins Pkwy.
Longview, TX  75605

DON'T MISS ONE OF THESE GREAT LOCATIONS...what others have said:

"This is the best C.E. class I've ever taken. Period!"
...Dr. R.B 
NEW ACUPUNCTURE RULE change... passed by TBCE on Nov 8th!!!

Download the complete rule as passed here

(f) A licensee permitted to practice acupuncture must complete a minimum of eight (8) hours in Board-approved acupuncture courses every biennium. 

Notice of TBCE Biennial (2-year) License Renewal

The Texas two-year (2) biennial renewal began March 1, 2018, for all licensees renewing in March 2018, and thereafter. The biennial renewal fee, if received on or before your expiration date, is $300.00. The biennial renewal license period is 2018-2020. 

Please note that your annual sixteen (16) hour requirement of approved CE, including all mandatory board hours still must be met EACH year. Upon renewing in 2020, the full thirty-two (32) CE hours will be required (16-hrs per year).