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The Simple Solution Guides 
So what are the Simple Solution Guides?  Basically, 75 years of knowledge and know-how in guides that cover every subject a chiropractic office needs. On March 1st, the first eight guides became available for purchase; then on March 15th, the final 4 became available. Your office can buy any one guide (based on topic), or get an outstanding deal on all the guides.  (see "Buy Guides" tab for more info)

Dr. Ty Talcott, who has over 40-yrs experience in chiropractic --and had the first million-dollar practice in the world back in the early 80's; is a successful practice management guru and leader in HIPAA compliance. Ces Soyring has over 35-yrs experience on the administrative side of chiropractic including insurance, coding and staff training. Together, they have collaborated to develop a series of practice guides that every office will find to be their corner-stone for success.

August 22nd @ 1pm to 2pm 

Join HIPAA Compliance Services' free webinar to learn about annual (or more frequent) required/documented updates to your HIPAA program. If your program is not current and a breach or mishandling of patient information occurs then it is YOUR fault and you are at risk of major fines. Conversely, if you have documented good faith efforts in ALL HIPAA areas the government tends to NOT fine you and will often actually offer assistance!
It pays to know, do and document!  

This webinar will explore required actions (audits, reviews and evaluations) such as:  
* Required monthly security reminders you must issue to your team  
* Training requirements and documentation of topics covered * Notice of Patient Privacy Policy audit - annually  
* Information System Activity Reviews... what they are, how you do them and how they must be documented  
* Required 'desk' run through of your contingency plan including data recovery and emergency mode operations.  
* Annual physical plant audit  
* Required risk analysis updates  
* Required annual A-Z audit... what it is and what you have to do ... and much more... register NOW

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